Crochet * Granny Square “Somalia”

| August 7, 2011 | 14 Kommentare

We run a fundraising for Somalia during August – similar to the one for Japan initiated by Großmütterchen’s Blogspot. I modified the famous “African Flower” granny from hexagon to square format. You are invited cordially to join!

For starters – please use cotton or cotton-mixture matching hook #3 mm. The granny squares should measure appr. 10-11 cm. We will give you more information on how to proceed shortly.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Hello, this is so helpful, thank you. Do you use Uk or USA crochet terms?

  2. Penny says:

    This is such a cute pattern. Is there a web page that has the instructions written down? I find it hard to follow the video and would like to read instructions. Thanks.

  3. Penny says:

    Wonderful pattern. Do you have written instructions I could download?

    • Dorena Carlson says:

      I also would love the written instructions to the Granny Square “Somalia” African Flower. It is really different.

      Thank you so much

  4. Natalie says:

    Hello i love your granny square! it is the perfect design because i was looking for a pattern to crochet squares for the knit-a-square project to be sent to african orphanages. Unfortunately after finishing one square the material refuses to lay flat and seems to be bulging/rippling a lot. Do you know what i did wrong? And how can i modify the pattern so that it is a flat square instead of a hexagon

  5. Patricia Newman says:

    this is very interesting would like the pattern

  6. Patricia Newman says:

    very interesting wonder if I could have the pattern to it

  7. maria Isabel says:

    Parabéns pelo seus trabalhos, são lindos, eu já tirei amostra desta flor linda em squale. Bjos, fique com DEUS.

  8. Tracey Kuhns says:

    I love this Granny Square pattern. Do you have written instructions in English?

  9. Virginia Chittick says:

    I would like to join and get the pattern. I’m retired and my time is my own.

  10. Aurora Molina says:

    I love this pattern How can I Print.

  11. Inga says:

    What a great granny square. Your tutorial was very easy to follow. I am making a blanket for my daughter with all different granny squares this one will fit I beautifully. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

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