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How to Knit * Reversible Cable Stitch with Drop Stitches


If you thought, that cable stitches are for winter times only, you will change your mind when you see this summerly cable stitch pattern with drop stitches…


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  1. Thanks for the great video on this stitch — wish there was a pdf, but I can certainly listen to the video and write up my own (it’s what I did with the flaming hearts vid and also the Small Gothic Arcs! ­čśë

    I love this reversible cable and want to try using it in a moebius so that it will be the same on both sides! I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to drop the stitch between the cables, will see how it looks before dropping.

    Vielen Dank f├╝r die wunderbaren Videos! (I’m sure that’s not the right sentence construction)


  2. I have put all the blame on you for getting me knitting once again. No not really just me being a bit silly. I tought myself to knit after having cancer forthe first time in my early 20’s because I needed to think of something challenging through my treatments. I have had cancer 3 times now so trying new knitting stitches. You are so wonderful doing the videos for us all. Thank you so very much for keeping my mind on my knitting. Isend you a great big hug from me to you.


  3. Hi I am a learner knitter, I can knit/purl cast on but that is it but I do spinning and would love to try and make a scarf for myself with this design , the video seems simple but written so I can mark & cross where I am up to will make it so much easier as I am teaching myself so when a pattern ask for a certain stitch I look up how to do that then atempt it.
    Could you please send me a pattern for this please.
    Many thanks and I love your website it has helped me so much in wanting to learn to knit.

    Thanks Melissa


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