How to Knit * Lace Stitch “Twiggy” * Knitting Stitch

| June 6, 2012 | 8 Kommentare

This video teaches you how to master this cute lace stitch I used for our cute baby dress. Written pattern for the dress will be available soon in our shop…

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  1. Martha Ruth says:

    Thank you for your time and pacient teaching everything about knitting… I love your videos and is easy to me when they are in english. A huge hug.

  2. simone poirier says:


    I aloved the cat in the background going up and down

  3. Carolyn mejia says:

    How can I get written instructions for twiggy pattern?

  4. odette noronha says:

    please send me the pattern in english as it is a very pretty dree like to make it for my grandchild

  5. odette noronha says:

    kindly send me the pattern in english as its a very pretty dress and wish to knit it for my granddaughter

  6. Marji says:

    How do I get the lace knit twiggy baby dress pattern and instructions

  7. Marji says:

    How do I get pattern and instructions for twiggy dress pattern.

  8. suma says:

    please send the written pattern as it is very beautiful and want to do a cardigan with the same pattern for my mother and gift it on her b’day.

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