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  2. Voce tem esta receita por escrito ou um gráfico para me enviar? Desde lá agradeço muito!

  3. I have been trying to purchase this pattern in English but there is nowhere on your (FABULOUS!!) website that I can make a purchase. Please HELP!! Thank you!

  4. I was shocked to see my comment removed and no reply from you! I sincerely hope I didn’t say anything offensive. I still cannot understand the dead ends on your website! Is it private for only certain people?
    Regarding this pattern, I am having a problem with the stitch count in rows 1&3. Can you at least tell me where to go for help?? Thanks Linda James

  5. Wanda Scholl on

    would love a written out copy of this pattern if possible.thank you for your time. love the pattern.

  6. monica jure flores on

    precioso el tejido,felicitaciones, podriaenviarme por escrito el punto del tejido,yo podria traducirlo al español,soy de chile MUCHAS GRASIAS

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