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  1. Where can I find a written version of the Rings of love stitch? I love the pattern but a little slow with learning from video. Thanks so much.

  2. Fadia Hassan on

    the video was great I’ve tried it and it was very easy. It’s really fantastic stitch and I love it so much,
    please send me the written version of the RINGS of LOVE
    Thank you very much

  3. Was there a reply to the request for a written version of “Rings of Love”? And if so, where can I find it? Some of the intricate twists & turns were done too quickly in the video. It is such a beautiful pattern, I want to do it correctly. I don’t want to miss a stitch!

    • Hi, I’m also looking for the pattern instructions for this? Do you know where I can get it from? Thanks.

  4. Hi, I’m also looking for the written pattern instructions for this? Do you know where I can get it from? Thanks.

  5. Please help me soon! I did the video (I really like it) but you ended with a circle and one double crochet but there is no instructions on how to start a row begining with one double crochet and a circle? that would be your row five? i’m lost and can’t go on please send a reply soon I really want to finish my project thank much!!

  6. I would love a copy of the written instructions for this pattern too please. Let me know how I can get them, thanks so much. The video was great, just need more info at a slower pace.

  7. I also would like to get the written pattern.
    Can you please tell me where to go for it
    Thankyou Lesleycoota

  8. I have been playing this video over and over trying to follow the pattern. Not very sure what is to be done at the end of row 2. Can you please share the written instructions for this beautiful? Thanks.

  9. Janet Gilliland on

    I’m stuck like Lisa Davis, I’ve tried several ways to start another row and cannot quite get it. Are there written instructions and how can I get them? Thanks, it’s a beautiful stitch!

  10. Diana Chávez on

    Hello, for all of you who have been requesting the written patterns, we are working on them at the moment, and they will be posted as soon as we are finished with them.

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