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Crochet * Granny Square „Somalia“


We run a fundraising for Somalia during August – similar to the one for Japan initiated by Großmütterchen’s Blogspot. I modified the famous „African Flower“ granny from hexagon to square format. You are invited cordially to join!

For starters – please use cotton or cotton-mixture matching hook #3 mm. The granny squares should measure appr. 10-11 cm. We will give you more information on how to proceed shortly.


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  1. Hello, this is so helpful, thank you. Do you use Uk or USA crochet terms?


    Kate Reply:

    Hi Pamela, she is using US crochet terms. Hope that helps!


  2. Wonderful pattern. Do you have written instructions I could download?


    Dorena Carlson Reply:

    I also would love the written instructions to the Granny Square „Somalia“ African Flower. It is really different.

    Thank you so much


  3. Hello i love your granny square! it is the perfect design because i was looking for a pattern to crochet squares for the knit-a-square project to be sent to african orphanages. Unfortunately after finishing one square the material refuses to lay flat and seems to be bulging/rippling a lot. Do you know what i did wrong? And how can i modify the pattern so that it is a flat square instead of a hexagon


  4. maria Isabel on

    Parabéns pelo seus trabalhos, são lindos, eu já tirei amostra desta flor linda em squale. Bjos, fique com DEUS.


  5. What a great granny square. Your tutorial was very easy to follow. I am making a blanket for my daughter with all different granny squares this one will fit I beautifully. Thank you for sharing the pattern.


  6. Hi! I hope this is welcome here.
    I have written the pattern down for myself to follow without watching the video. This is such a lovely granny square and thank you NadelSpiel for the pattern and video!

    African Daisy Granny Square

    * note 1. Each turning chain counts as a stitch

    * Sc- single crochet
    * Hdc- half double crochet
    * Dc- double crochet
    * Tr- triple crochet
    * Sl st- slip stitch
    * T-ch- turning chain
    * Ch- chain
    * Sk- skip
    * * repeat*

    Colour 1
    R1- Magic circle, 7 sc, close round with sl st in 2nd t-ch. (7sc total)
    R2- Ch3, dc in same stitch, ch1, *2dc in every stitch,ch1* close round with sl st in ch2 of t-ch(16dc total)
    Colour 2
    R3- Ch3 in ch1 space, 1dc in same sp, ch2, 2dc in same sp, ch1, *2dc in ch1 sp, ch2, 2dc in same sp, ch1* close round with sl st in ch2 of t-ch(32dc total)
    R4- Ch3, 6dc in same ch2 sp, ch1, *7dc in each ch2 sp, ch1* close round with sl st in 3rd t- ch. (56dc total)
    Colour 3
    R5- sl st in middle of petal, ch1, sc in each stitch until the notch between two petals, sc in notch down to R3 between dc (make sure to keep yarn loose), *7 sc in every stitch, sc down to R2, 7sc in every stitch, sc to R3* 7sc in every stitch, sc to R2, 3 sc, close round with sl st in first sc (64 sc total)
    Colour 4- Frame Colour
    R6- sl st into right side of notch, ch2, sk1, 1hdc, 3sc, hdc, sk1, *FOR CORNER in same stitch :2tc, ch2, 2tc, sk1, hdc, 3sc, hdc, sk1, hdc, sk1, hdc, 3sc, hdc, sk1* repeat2x LAST CORNER: 2tc, ch2, 2tc in same stitch, sk1, hdc, 3sc, hdc, sk1, close round with sl st into 2nd t-ch.
    R7- ch2, *hdc in every stitch until corner, CORNER: 2hdc, ch2, 2hdc* hdc until last stitch, finish round with sl st into 2nd t-ch.

    Weave in ends


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