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  1. Hi there im fairly new to this industry.. Im a 24 yr old male who wants to learn how to knit . In my upbringing knitting is a womans hobbie .. but watching my nan knit and how passionate she was we she did it made me want to know more about it…. ( i dont even know if that makes sense ) anyways….. i guess im just trying to come up with an excuse for a man to do what women do so well but in all fact … I realise that i dont need an excuse 🙂 one day .. I will attempt to do this lace stitch …

    • truefeather77 on

      That’s wonderful! Do it! In medieval times, knitting was a jealously guarded skill controlled by the knitting guilds, all men. And a male neighbor of mine is a wonderful knitter. He came back from combat in the military with post-traumatic stress, and his doctor told him to knit as a way of calming and centering. He made beautiful things, but always quickly shoved them under the sofa when someone would ring the doorbell! LOL Knit and be proud of it — it’s amazingly fun.

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