Lace Stitch * Small Gothic Arcs

| August 23, 2011 | 4 Kommentare

This romantic lace stitch is worked with 3 pattern rows actually, the wrong side rows are purled throughout…

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  1. Ivone says:

    I like your tutorial so much that I make the pattern based on it. Can I share the pattern in written elsewhere and link your tutorial with it or you have certain requirements that I must follow ?

    Thanks, IVone

  2. Harriet Kozitsky says:

    Please send me the written version of the small gothic lace stitch. I would appreciate it. Thanks Harriet

  3. Gloria Marinovic Pacey says:

    I love litle gótic arcs, I would appreciate ig you send me the written instrucción
    Since now thanks

  4. Melinda Kegley says:

    Please send me the written instructions too!!! This is a beautiful pattern!!

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