de vlaamse handwerkjuffrouw.

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During the last weeks I found the time to speak more videos in English – and many more to come. Maybe you know, that I already published more than 500 instructional videos on knitting an crochet topics on my YouTube Channel


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  1. HEllo well its really really great to hear you speak in English in your videos as its so much easier to trial your stitch without concentrating too much on your hand movement. Thank you so much to me your a God in the knitting and Crocheting World. The way you do them makes me feel to give it a try even though it seems difficult. Have you made any tutorials on different types of cables, travelling stitches, staghorn cables etc? Would appreciate if you could…
    Once again thank you for the wonderful videos and lessons veteran teacher!!!! cheers!!!


    eliZZZa Reply:

    Oh thank you, Ann! There are a lot of instructional videos planned on all sort of stitches. But first I do the sequel of our sock series from last year, in December everyone is waiting for our advent calendar with new grannys quares and crochet stars and in January there will be many stitches on video…

    Enjoy! Greetings from Austria,


    Grace Reply:

    What kind of yarn do you use in the Spirale Granny Square?
    Is this pattern in English? I love it!


    Michele Reply:

    Thank you for your beautiful work. I’ve watched your videos, even the ones where you speak German although I don’t, and am just amazed with the creativity you show. Do you have written patterns that I could purchase for your advent granny square? Unfortunately I do not speak or read any language other than English so English versions would be most appreciated. Thank you again.


  2. I am so happy that you have these videos in english. I love all of your patterns and especially the german christmas advent kalender things you have made.
    Although I am german, Ich kann nicht perfekt deutsch sprechen oder verstehen So danke fur die englisch tutorials. und wunsche ihnen ein frohes neues jahre!! Jill


  3. Hello Elizza,

    I need your help. I knitted a scarf for my son which I made it in two section. because he wanted the two color ribs be vertical, I casted 164 stitches for one half of the scarf and did six rows of knit on front side and purl on the other, and four rows of purl on the front side and four knit on the opposite side.

    My dilemma now is how to connect them together so it looks clean connection (he will be wrapping the scarf around his neck and the connected part will be right in the front and visible).

    Looking forward to your instructions.



  4. I love your videos!! Can you please share the brand of yarn you use? I have looked everywhere for cotton
    and cotton/viscose yarn in super fine
    weight. All I can find come in „baby colors“ – light pink, light blue, etc.

    Susan 🙂


  5. Hi Elizza,
    I’m going absolutely mad trying to get anything at all from your site.
    We have a very slow internet connection and can only download very small videos. This is why I thought I’d join your club and get PDFs, though unfortunately I chose the bronze membership by mistake. Then I wrote you a note saying I would like to upgrade to silver membership. But no reply from you! Though I did enter it via
    Please, please reply to this.
    Regards, Owen McGee (for my wife Marie)


  6. Greetings from Indiana, I love your star patterns and granny squares. I can’t wait to give them all a try. You are so talented.
    I was wondering what kind of yarn you use, it looks a whole lot thinner than the yarn I use. I would love to try it as well.
    Thanks for posting your videos & having this wonderful website.


  7. Dear Ann, I just saw one of your lace crochet videos and I am thrilled that there are so many lovely laces that can be crocheted. I like to knit and crochet so I am pleased that there is more variety in crochet. Thank you for the English speaking videos. It isn’t your native tongue but you speak it very well. I have subscribed to your videos on Youtube so I will be looking forward to each new one you publish as well as the previous ones. Again, thank you. Beth from Michigan


  8. I just found you on youtube!!! I enjoyed your video on the moebius so much! The way you explained it is so clear and makes you want to get hold of the yarn and needles right away. Congratulations, looking forward for more!!!


  9. Evelyn Lozano on

    Greetings from México. I just found your website and I love it. Your are a great knitter and crocheter and share beautiful stitches. Thanks for doing your videos in English : )
    Congratulations and thank you so much.


  10. Hello from Nova Scotia Canada, just discovered your excellent site in knitting a crochet thanks Elizza so much for patience and hard work in doing some videos in English

    looking forward in exploring some more
    🙂 Betty


  11. Margarete Koester on

    Dear eliZZZa –
    this time I send greetings from Bergisch Gladbach – introducing my daughter Isabel to your websites. Hugs Margarete


  12. Dear Elizza,
    I have just discovered Your channel and I must say that I admire your talent already. I mastered knitting (more- less)but do not feel comfortable with crocheting and Your videos will be extremely helpful. Greetings from Poland. All the best. Alina


  13. sherry wills on

    Thank you so much for taking the time to teach people like myself. My Grandmother was a wonderful lady and could crochet anything. She made clothes and toys for all of her Grandchildren. She passed away when I was in 3rd grade which of course took away any opportunity that I had of her teaching me. Now, I can learn from you. I only search for your video’s. Thanks so much, and may God bless you!


  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach those like myself. I love your beautiful work. I am telling friends of you as well. Maybe with hard work, I can become as talented as you.

    Thanks so much!
    Sherry From Franklin Ohio


  15. Nazeli Nazar on


    Greeting from Chile. I love all the work you do and I thank you for being so generous.
    I am enjoying every single videos, even the ones in German, and I do not speak a work of you beautiful language.

    Muchas gracias!!!


  16. Susan England on

    I love your videos very informative. I would like it if you would demonstrate the way you knit purl and cast on. Very slow. Thank you. I’m trying to pick up speed


  17. Angie Knott on

    Thank you soooo much for taking the time and effort to translate all your crochet into English for us!! You do such lovely work. I hope a lot of young people will learn to crochet or knit from your web page and videos. I personally want the crafts to be carried on by the next generation. Love you!


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